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Underwriting Tools and Forms

Applications and Forms

The WCRIBMA's frequently used forms: Assigned Risk Pool Application, Employee Leasing Supplemental Application, Client of Labor Contractor Supplemental Application, Labor Contractor Supplemental Application, Construction Contractor Supplemental Application, Trucker/Delivery Supplemental Application, MA ERM Form - Request for Ownership Information, Massachusetts Assigned Risk Pool - Request for Certificate of Insurance, Masssachusetts Construction Classification Premium Adjustment Program Application, and Request for Massachusetts Qualified Loss Management Program Assigned Risk Credit are available for viewing and downloading.

To submit an Assigned Risk Pool Application through OAR (Online Assigned Risk) go to the OAR home page to log in. You must have an OAR account to use OAR.  An OAR account may be created by either a producer or an emplyer.  The OAR account is dependent on the agency's or employer's FEIN number.

Assigned Risk Application Calculator

This tool calculates assigned risk premium based on the classes, payrolls and values entered.

Circular Letters

Circular Letters from 2004 forward are available.

Classification Revision History

A list of Circular Letters announcing the establishment of new class codes, elimination of class codes, and other classification changes.

Filed and Approved Endorsements

A list of endorsements filed and approved by the Division of Insurance for use in Massachusetts.

Manuals - Rates - Rating Values

The Massachusetts Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Manual, the Massachusetts Master Alphabetical Classification Index (MACI) and the Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Statistical Plan are available in Adobe PDF format.

Also included in the Manual tools are the Massachusetts State Rule Exceptions and Massachusetts User's Guide Exceptions for the NCCI's Experience Rating Plan Manual  and the Massachusetts State Special Rules for the NCCI's Retrospective Rating Plan Manual.

Instructions are provided for ordering the following NCCI Manuals:

  • Experience Rating Plan Manual for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance
  • Forms Manual of Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance
  • Retrospective Rating Plan Manual for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance
  • Scopes TM Manual / Scopes of Basic Manual Classifications

Special Bulletins

Special Bulletins from 2004 forward are available.



Residual Market Premium Algorithm / Calculator

Voluntary Market Premium Algorithm / Calculator

Class Code Lookup

Experience Rating, ARAP and
Merit Rating Calculator

Experience Rating History

Manage Ownership

Online MCCPAP - Construction Credit Application

Workers' Compensation Classification
Request Form

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